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  BA-FG Highmount Turbo Kit

Our BA-FG highmount kits utilise a factory fg turbo manifold and use our t3-t4 adapter. Quick and effective way to upgrade to a much larger turbo setup in your xr6t. Rated at 500+rwkw these are priced at $2524.50+GST and are built to order with a 3-4weeks build time. 


-T3-T4 external wastegate highmount adapter in tig welded steampipe

-Spoolinboost 70mm turbocharger, t4 1.1Ar rear, oil cooled, 360d thrust bearing

-Oil line kit

-Oil drain kit

-45d intake hose

-Pod filter

-Stainless 3.5" dump pipe

-Turbosmart 38mm external wastegate 14psi spring 

-Gaskets and bolts

-4x Anti-Loosening Nordlock washers

-Stainless 38mm screamer pipe

-Vband clamp

-Straight 4" joiner

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