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We are proud to finally release these kits after much development. They feature our heavy duty fabricated steampipe turbo manifolds which were designed with plug lead clearance in mind as well as good flow, large frame t4 flanged 70mm oil cooled turbo using a 38mm turbosmart external wastegate, 3.5" stainless dump pipe, 600x300x76 intercooler etc. Designed for vt-vz ls1 commodores and 400+rwkw rated. Pricing is $3294.50+GST +postage. All components come with a 6months warranty.

During testing various turbos for this application we have chosen these big frame turbos as they keep back pressure ratios low which will allow them to work effectively with cammed engines and be 98 fuel friendly. We are seeing 10psi at 3000rpm. We were making 314rwkw on 6psi in our wh non intercooler 98fuel with a tired old stock motor. It did a best of 364rwkw in 40C heat but high intake temps/stock valve springs were limiting power hence all kits will come with intercoolers. Intercooler piping kits available now too.


These are currently IN STOCK ready to ship. 

Recently a customer Coreys LS1 ute made 550whp on 9psi boost using a stock bottom end with upgraded cam, lifters/pushrods and valve springs on e85. With 4.11 diff gears any more boost on the dyno just resulted in wheel slip. Having previously fitted a side mount supercharger Corey was rapt with the turbos performance commenting its still responsive down low and all through the rev range.   


-Turbo manifold, heavy duty steampipe design

-38mm turbosmart ultragate 7psi spring

-38mm wastegate flanges x2

-Drain hose setup complete, 1m 19mm hose, turbo drain flange, sump drain fitting, hose clamps

-Oil feed setup complete, braided oil line, turbo feed flange and fittings, oil pressure switch adapter and fittings

-Turbo mounting bolts and nuts

-T4 gasket, oil feed and drain gaskets

-Spoolinboost generic big frame turbocharger, 70mm comp inducer, t4 divided 1.1/ar housing, oil cooled, 360thrust bush bearings

-Vband for dump pipe

-3.5" stainless dump pipe

-Intercooler 300x600x76

-Large 4" pod filter

-4" 90degree silicone hose

-4" stainless straight joiner

-2" 2bolt flange provided for fabricating your crossover pipe (not supplied due to various headers/extractors fitted to these vehicles)

-Basic fitting guide included

**You will still require fuel system/tune, intercooler piping and crossover pipe fabrication/dump pipe joined to your exhaust**

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