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These suit EA-FG 6 cylinder falcons. They are rated to 350+rwkw and 20+psi boost and utilise the tuff factory cast exhaust manifold (with flange end machined flat). Our testing has proven the stock cast ford manifold and up-pipe will outperform and outlast a typical aftermarket log manifold. This is simply due to flowing much better than a log with all its sharp 90 degree Tees aswell as not suffering the cracking and warping issues common with logs. As a result the backpressure ratio is much lower resulting in improved volumetric efficiency and a setup that will take more timing etc and make more power per psi. Our results speak for themselves, with our own ef running 11.1@127mph and a customers eb recently running 10.9@130mph. With good supporting mods and e85 we have made just over 400rwkw on a couple of cars now. They now come standard with stainless dump and screamer pipes and turbosmart wastegates. Due to simplicity we are able to keep pricing low, $2596+GST direct from us for full tuners kit. You would still require intercooler piping, fuel system/tune and a decent exhaust system.
These are currently IN STOCK ready to ship. 




-Turbo up-pipe manifold adapter tig welded steampipe.

-Gaskets (2.5" 2bolt, stainless t3, stainless wastegate x2, oil feed, oil drain)

-Wastegate 38mm 7psi turbosmart

-Generic spoolinboost turbocharger, big 62.45mm comp wheel, .8AR exh housing, t3 housing, oil cooled, 360 thrust bearing for high boost.

-Vband clamp 3"

-3" mandrel bent stainless dump pipe

-Mandrel bent stainless screamer pipe

-Oil feed kit (1/4-1/4male fitting, 1/4 tee piece, 1/4-1/8reducer, braided oil line, flange plate with bolts and an fittings x2)

-Oil drain flange, drain hose and clamps, sump bung

-Intercooler 300x600x76, 3" end tanks or 300x450x76 3" end tanks

-4" 45degree silicone intake hose

-4" straight joiner

-Large 4" pod filter

-4x8mm bolts, 4x10mm bolts

-2x Nordlock anti loosening washers for up-pipe

-Basic fitting guide



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