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Dyno Sheets


This is a graph of our FG falcon running our turbo kit and plenum.

Stock egas motor with valve springs, e85, 4" exhaust etc

351rwkw on 12.5psi

369rwkw on 14psi

405rwkw on 17psi

Our XR8 turbo 615kw at 24psi 

This was our final tune in the EF Falcon. 411rwkw on 23psi boost. We then tryed some nitrous on top and made 430rwkw. This was still using a TI j3 chip and 3" exhaust which was building huge power killing back pressure!

This was a customers bf ute stock na motor tuned on 98 with our turbo kit, manual and no quick spool plate fitted.

This is Jamies BA Fairmont (btr auto) with our kit on 12psi boost, 298rwkw. Using a standard N/A motor with upgraded valve springs. He later fitted one of our quick spool plates and ran up 300rwkw on 13psi with a wider/earlier power band. His setup is prity simple using a stock xr6t exhaust with hi flow cat, 42lb injectors, xr6t map sensor and fuel reg with a upgraded fuel pump.  

This is a customers AU with our turbo kit, manual, no quick spool plate, stock engine 12psi on 98, was later upped to 390kw at 20psi on 98, tuned using haltech incepter xr6tmap sensor 60lb inj etc.

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