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External wastegate kits for BA/BF falcons. Aimed at great flow into the gate for good boost control. Will perform better than the flapper mod especially on higher flowing turbos. Comes with a GENV 14psi 45mm turbosmart wastegate, sizing helps prevent boost drop off these cars typically suffer from. A stainless tig welded screamer pipe and vac line are provided. You will need a retune to suit. This price ($772.73+gst) is with you supplying us a rear housing to modify and send back. Turn around is 3 working days from recieving housing. If you would like to upgrade to an outright purchase add this upgrade to your cart too. 


Due to fraudulent false chargebacks costing us thousands we have been forced to remove credit card/PayPal from our payment options. EFT bank transfers only. We appreciate you understanding.


Freight includes full insurance and tracking


BA/BF external 45mm wastegate kits

SKU: 13
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