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Spoolinboost Barra High Mount Turbo Manifolds. The manifold for all out max effort setups. Suit G42 and equivalent sized turbos in high mount location retaining powersteering reservoir etc.


Big boy 40mm runners, 6 into 1 merge collector, 12mm thick flanges, T4 collector, 50mm wastegate port with flange pre welded ready to bolt on and go, suit turbosmart 50mm genv wastegates. Our test car made 671kw@28psi (roller dyno) on a maxed out old borgy s474. 


Fits BA/BF/FG and FGX falcons. 


Comes with mls manifold gasket and spoolinboost stud kits. Available as manifold/gasket/stud kit only or with turbosmart genv 50mm w/gate and stainless 50mm screamer pipe. Prices plus GST which is added at checkout.


See our other listings for these manifolds in kit form with PSR G42, Spoolinboost stainless dump pipe, oil drain, intercooler piping to suit etc 

Barra High Mount Turbo Manifold T4

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