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***THESE ARE BUILT TO ORDER due to high demand average 5 week build time after recieving a paid order, all orders are non-refundable once paid***

After a ton of hard work we are proud to release the new BA/BF BOSS kits. These are our most complete kits to date and come with everything except fuel system and tune. Over 30hrs labour goes into fabricating each kit on intricate jigs! Rated at 400rwkw its amazing how easily these motors make power with boost.
They drive amazingly and sound like nothing else. Our work ute made 416kw@11psi on 98 with a completely stock motor.

We are offering these kits with a 70mm turbo 


The kit requires NO chopping/bashing of the cars inner guards/lights or battery tray and is as bolt on as can be. A fitting guide will be included but only someone competent should attempt installation.


Priced at $6484.50 + GST plus postage. Everything in the kit is backed by a 12months warranty. 

We can cater for drive in drive out conversions too from 13K inc GST. We have recently had a customers BA go 523rwkw with a built motor and the 70mm turbo on e85. ​


Due to fraudulent false chargebacks costing us thousands we have been forced to remove credit card/PayPal from our payment options. EFT bank transfers only. We appreciate you understanding.


Freight includes full insurance and tracking



1x Turbo manifold, heavy duty steampipe construction

1x Crossover pipe in steampipe, gasket and bolts

1x Turbo manifold mid pipe in steampipe

1x Front turbo flanged pipe and bolts

1x RH lower intercooler pipe in stainless

1x LH lower intercooler pipe in stainless

1x RH upper intercooler pipe in stainless

1x LH upper intercooler pipe in stainless

1x 3.5-3" 90 silicone hose

2x 2.5" 45 silicone hoses

1x 2.5" 90 silicone hose

3x 3-2.5" reducing silicone hoses

1x 2.5" stainless joiner

9x HS40 clamps

9x HS52 clamps

1x HS56 clamp

2m Vac hose

1x Z663 engine oil filter

1x Turbo to dump pipe vband clamp

1x Dump to catback vband clamp

3x 2" vband clamps

1m 30mm heat sleeve std

1m 30mm heat sleeve hook and loop

1m 20mm heat sleeve std

1x Heatshielding material sheet flat

1x T4 titanium turbo beanie

7.5m Titanium heatwrap

1x Dipstick tube

1x Dipstick

1x T4 gasket

1x Oil feed gasket

1x Oil drain gasket

1x Oil feed kit (1/4-1/4m, 1/4 tee, 1/4-1/8r, braided oil line, oil flange and bolts)

1x Turbosmart 38mm wastegate 7psi

1x Spoolinboost 70mm turbo, oil cooled, bush bearings, 360d thrust 1.1 ar 

1x Stainless dump pipe

1x Stainless screamer pipe

1x Oil drain kit (stainless drain flange, drain hose, hose clamps and sump drain fitting)

1x 300x600x70 intercooler

1x intercooler mounting bracket

1x Pod filter or turbo guard screen, your choice

2x 8mm short bolts

4x 8mm long bolts

1x sticker

1x fitting guide

BOSS 5.4 turbo kits

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