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***These are built to order with a 3-4weeks build time once receiving a paid order, orders are non-refundable once paid***


Our new FG lowmount G42 1200hp compact kit is here! Perfect for those looking to maximize there lowmount application. Looks very close to stock to the untrained eye, factory heat shields fit, standard fg style intercooler piping bolts up, dump pipe bolts up to most aftermarket exhausts with a 3.5" two bolt flange. Rated to 600+rwkw we are seeing 612kw@23psi boost in initial testing. A turbosmart 50mm wastegate is plumbed off the turbine housing maintaining the stealth look. An offset adapter is provided which bolts up to the factory exhaust manifold and allows fitment of the larger frame t4 housing. Coolant lines and fittings are included as is oil feed flange and drain setup. 


On top of this kit you will need an aftermarket oil line (4an end), aftermarket turbo side intake with 4" induction hose, 2.5-3" reducer silicone hose if your piping is 2.5" (or straight 3" if your piping is 3"). Exhaust we recommend a 3.5" or 4". Fuel system, support mods and tuning to suit. 


Due to fraudulent false chargebacks costing us thousands we have been forced to remove credit card/PayPal from our payment options. EFT bank transfers only. We appreciate you understanding.


Freight includes full insurance and tracking


Kit Contents 


1x Pulsar G42 1200hp Compact, 1.15ar Rear, Modified For External Wastegate 

1x Turbosmart 50mm External Wastegate

1x Stainless 50mm Screamer Pipe 200mm

1.5m -8 Pushlock Hose

2x Raceworks -6to-8 Adapters

1x Raceworks -8 45d Pushlock Fitting

0.3m 3/4 Drain Hose

2x Drain Hose Clamps

1x Drain Flange Turbo 100mm offset

1x Drain Flange Sump 50mm straight

4x Drain Bolts

1x Stainless 3.5" Dump Pipe 

1x Turbo To Dump Vband Clamp

1 Oil Feed Plate 4an and Bolts

1x Manifold To Turbo Adapter Plate/Studs/Anti-vibrational Washers/Nuts

1x Spoolinboost Hose Gaurd

1x Basic Fitting Guide


FG G42 Lowmount kit

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